This post is a little lot different from what I typically share. I could not keep all this goodness to myself, though. I recently attended an event called The Cheeses of Europe Tour where I happily tasted wine and a number of delicious, creamy cheeses and butters from France. The French have this cheese thing down. They just do. There are many great varieties of cheese from other countries but when you think of good cheese and fine wine (which happen to go very well together) you think of France. At least, I do.

Cheeses of Europe featured four French dairy companies and they are touring Texas to help us see past pepper jack. 🙂 I learned quite a bit about how and where cheese is made, how to serve it, and identified some new varieties to incorporate into my dishes. All of these things are forthcoming in traditional dish posts but I wanted to go ahead and share the information on these cheeses and pictures from the event since we are nearly in the midst of holiday entertaining season.


Sliced Mimolette – a hard, very strong cheese.


The exterior of Mimolette rind.


Salted and Unsalted cream butters.


Double creme Brie.


Cheese boards with bleu, double and triple creme Brie.





Saint Gerac Bleu Cheese.


Raclette – a semi-soft, medium-flavored cheese.


The cheeses shown are from:

Le Chatelain


Brie L’Indulgent

Fromager d’Affinois

Isigny Ste Mere

In the Houston area, these cheeses and butters are sold at HEB, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. If you’re a cheese lover, check out these ooey gooey recipes:

Let me know if there are any cheesy recipes or ideas you’d like to see come to life here on the blog. Thanks for reading!

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