In the words of my imaginary aunty, Angela Basset, “Hey, everybody. You good?” I’m just checking in with y’all since we’re nearly through the first quarter of the year and good habits might be sliding by the wayside right about now. We’re all busy and might be in need of some fresh inspiration to keep at it. Here are a few (15, to be exact) easy breakfast ideas that are delicious, good for you, and portable. Pack these up ahead of time, grab on your way out the door, store in the office fridge, eat at your desk, whatever. What I’m saying is you can take these to work because, to be real, most of us eat or drink breakfast either in transit or at our desks. Make it easy on yourself add some of the healthy breakfast ideas below into your routine!

Smoothies to Sip On

Oatmeal Options

Sweet & Savory

I hope this roundup of healthy breakfast recipes helps you keep on track toward your goals and makes your routine a little easier. For more free game, check out my meal-prep tips, meal planning method, and these corporate health hacks. As always, thanks for reading!

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15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas You Can Take to Work