One thing I particularly enjoy about living alone is being selfish with my evenings. After work, I typically go to the gym or a media event then come home and write, get ready for the next day, and maybe squeeze in some Netflix (like Dead to Me) or Hulu (just started Ramy). I’m currently preparing for a professional certification exam so study time is also in the mix. Before I started working out regularly, dinner was not on my radar. I simply wasn’t hungry in the evenings and saw no need to force it. Now that my routine has me expending more calories each day, my body needs that fuel. But it has to be quick because I’m rarely in the mood to do something fancy and dirty up a bunch of dishes after a long day’s work. Maybe this will change when I’m married with kids? I doubt it–and let us pray I don’t have picky eaters! In the interest of saving time and effort on weeknights, I’ve pulled together my go-to weeknight dinners that are quick, healthy, and (duh!) delicious.

What to Cook for Dinner Tonight

If you want your meal prep fully on fleek, I recommend you check out these yummy breakfast ideas you can take to work and healthy workweek lunches in addition to these weeknight dinners. Are you interested in me sharing snack ideas next? Let me know in the comments below, if so. Thanks for reading!

Signature Dash of Jazz

7 Quick and Healthy Weeknight Dinners You\'ll Love