Naked Bourbon Carrot Cake | Dash of Jazz

Naked Bourbon Carrot Cake

Have you ever been struck by an absolutely GENIUS idea then discovered that you weren't the first [or even the tenth] person to think of it? That kind of...
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PB&J Thumbprint Cookies | Dash of Jazz

PB&J Thumbprint Cookies

Cookies get so much love around Christmastime and I'm all for it so I couldn't stop at sharing just one cookie recipe this season. These were inspired by...
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Texan Twist Pastry Braid | Dash of Jazz

Texan Twist Pastry Braid

If appetizers could greet you, this one would say "Hey, y'all!" I was inspired to create something party worthy with the Strawberry Jalapeño Smucker's...
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Red Wine Hot Chocolate | Dash of Jazz

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Red wine hot chocolate is the perfect adult beverage for the Fall and Winter. This decadent recipe is made with a fruity red and dark chocolate.

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