Holiday Help with La Madeleine

Y’all know that I am all about home cooking and DIY solutions, but sometimes you might want to give yourself or someone else a break. I recently discovered that La Madeleine has lots of great options for the holiday season and thought it would be helpful information to share. The options include:

  • A special holiday brunch menu
  • Takeaway food items already cooked for different size crowds
  • Gift bundles featuring pastries, collectible bowls and mugs, etc.
  • Holiday desserts like pumpkin pie tarts and cheesecake with gingerbread crust!

I tried the holiday brunch and catering menu at an event at Houston’s original location last week and fell in love. I was stuffed and could not have dessert but the wonderful staff there sent me home with a full doggy bag! Tip: get the crème Brûlée cheesecake , it’s my favorite. I texted my mom that I was bringing her desserts from La Madeleine and she replied “Yay!” 🙂 Since pretty much everyone I know loves La Madeleine, the gift bundles or takeaway items would definitely be well-received gifts. There are in-store items already prepared for you to take home and warm in the oven or full-scale catering services if you want to be completely hands off. I pass La Madeleine every day on my commute to work and the catering truck is almost always bouncing around delivering early morning orders. While I do most of the holiday (and general) cooking for my family, we do have a tradition of my dad bringing home a seasonal, decadent pastry every year on Christmas Eve for us to enjoy the next morning. I think it’s a great way to treat your family and eliminate any need to cook the morning of or prep the night before. We always viewed it as an extra present.

Another thing to consider is that many folks can’t get out to various gatherings but would still appreciate a bit of festiveness in their homes. This is very apparent to me when reviewing the sick and shut-in list at my church or when I volunteer with Meals on Wheels around this time of year. If you know of someone who is unable to make holiday outings due to illness or age, or maybe busy with a new baby or business, I’m sure they would appreciate a little country French food and cheer!

Let me know what y’all think and feel free to ask any questions below. Thanks for reading!

Signature Dash of Jazz

Holiday Help with La Madeleine | Dash of Jazz

Holiday Help with La Madeleine | Dash of Jazz

Holiday Help with La Madeleine | Dash of Jazz

Holiday Help with La Madeleine | Dash of Jazz

Holiday Help with La Madeleine | Dash of Jazz



  1. What an elegant affair! I have a friend who is working a lot right now and would love this.

  2. I had no idea La Madeleine did this!! It looks so tasty!

    1. Jazz

      Neither did I! It was all definitely delicious. 🙂

  3. I LOVE La Madeleine, and that setup looks awesome. I’m sure the food is delicious too. Yum!

  4. I lived in Houston for a few years and loved this place. Their tomato basil soup was one of my greatest pick me ups!

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