Spending so much more time in the house has had many of us experimenting with cooking and baking. I know y’all are sick of sourdough by this point and thought I’d put together a collection of my favorite boozy dessert recipes to inspire your at-home baking and creating. From frozen treats to layer cakes, there’s a sweet thing for every season and I guarantee you’ll find something on this boozy desserts list to bookmark for everyday enjoyment as well as special occasions.

  1. Banana Rum Pecan Bread – Banana bread has been done to death lately but this version is worth your attention. Warm spices, crunchy pecans, and dark rum play perfectly with the classic banana flavor.
  2. Bourbon Carrot Cake – If you like your carrot cake fully loaded, this spiked carrot cake recipe is for you. It’s a naked layer cake with bourbon in the batter plus bourbon-soaked raisins throughout. Don’t forget the crunchy chopped pecans and cream cheese frosting from scratch!
  3. Bourbon Plum Upside Down Cake – When you can get your hands on fresh plums, use them to make this boozy dessert recipe. It’s a simple, single-layer cake with a caramelized brown sugar topping that makes the plums soft and jammy.
  4. Bourbon Vanilla Birthday Cake – For celebrating birthdays at home, try my favorite birthday cake. It looks innocent because it’s covered in sprinkles but the cake perfectly captures the rich buttery bourbon flavor.
  5. Mimosa Donuts – If you’re missing brunch, bring it home with my mimosa donuts. They’re so easy to make and truly taste like mimosa in baked good form.
  6. Pineapple Upside Down Rum Cake – I’m not playing favorites with my boozy dessert recipes but if I were, this rum cake would probably by it. It’s stunning and truly decadent and the hardest part is waiting for the rum to soak in.
  7. Red Wine Chocolate Cake – This boozy dessert recipe makes just enough layer cake for two people and it’s so satisfyingly simple to make. You’ll only need one pan to pull off this layer cake trick.
  8. Red Wine Sorbet – I love making this around Valentine’s Day but it’s good at any time of year. Frozen strawberries, red wine, a little sugar, and a splash of lemon juice combine into a sophisticated frozen treat.
  9. Strawberries & Champagne Donuts – These donuts would be a beautiful treat for most any kind of adult gathering (think showers or girls’ night) but they’re a fun baking experiment for a regular ol’ weekend, too. With champagne in the donuts and the glaze, you’ll definitely enjoy.
  10. Watermelon Rosé Granita – Watermelon and rosé are both summer classics, which means they hit it off beautifully in this granita. All you need to make this boozy dessert recipe is a food processor and a freezer-safe dish. Serve it in a wine glass if you’re feeling fancy.

I hope these recipes inspire a few kitchen adventures for you. Sharing is caring so be sure to pin these boozy dessert recipes on Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

10 Boozy Dessert Recipes to Try at Home